Blockchain Technologies for Small Countries.

Small countries are characterized by the World Bank by a small population, limited human capital, and a confined land area. Small countries have always been dependent on the support of larger countries or international organizations, and in many cases, larger local problems can only be resolved with external support.

Current issues of small countries

Looking at the current situation, and again according to the World Bank, small countries share the following challenges:

Blockchain Technologies and small countries

Software may not always be the best solution to a problem — yet many times it can prove a valuable enabler to modern world issues.

Blockchain management of small countries

Small countries historically suffer from a host of financial problems. While many solutions have been proposed and attempted, existing means have offered little success.

Blockchain transformation of small country civic service

Furthermore, blockchain technologies offer a new route for small countries to replace, consolidate or optimize their array of essential government services — from record keeping processes such as health and safety, court, vehicle, identity (passports, visas etc.) to notarizations and certificates like birth/death, building permits and business licenses.